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Letter to the Editor: March 6, 2012


Dear Editor,

Response to “Some ASB elections were won on empty promises”

To be fair to the readers, it should be known that I campaigned for Emmalee Rainey. However, having been involved with both winning and losing campaigns during my years at Ole Miss, I know that elections are won and lost for many reasons. Accusing the newly-elected ASB president and vice president of campaigning on “empty promises” only one week after the first round of voting is tasteless, unprofessional, and reflects an inaccurate understanding of student government.

Candidates’ platforms reflect their understanding of the issues most important to students. They are promising to address these issues, not saying “I personally have the authority to change this.” It’s true that some issues fall outside the ASB’s jurisdiction, and those that don’t must still be put to a vote. However, addressing issues at the highest level of student government brings students’ concerns to the attention of University administrators – who put the most momentous decisions into effect.

Clearly, Rainey and Dandridge understood that students are highly concerned about the plus/minus grading system and printing costs. If, at the end of their terms, they have done absolutely nothing to make these concerns known to University officials, then, and only then, can Mr. Higgins allege that their platforms contained “empty promises.”

I hope Mr. Higgins realizes that his tawdry allegations are an insult to the candidates and voters alike.



Elizabeth Younger


International studies