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South Carolina musician and Oxford native join forces to play at the Lyric and Levee

Mac Leaphart, a Greenville, S.C., native grew up around Kris Kristofferson, Willie Nelson and other outlaw country singers whom his dad turned his ear toward.
His dad’s love for music was passed on to Leaphart as he started playing the piano in sixth grade and moved to guitar shortly after.
As the years went by, Leaphart found himself in all types of venues playing music whenever he got the chance.
On one particular night in South Carolina, Leaphart met Reid Stone, former Ole Miss student and member of the Guilt Ridden Troubadores. Leaphart showed up at a local spot to perform at a Beatles versus Rolling Stones event. After meeting Stone and realizing neither had a full permanent band, they started borrowing bandmates when and where they needed. This led to the two bands joining forces and playing together for a while.
Leaphart wants to keep his individual sound, which in his opinion has more of a country singer/songwriter sound, so the bands never completely combined, but their current tour in the Southeast features both. Having two set lists to choose from makes for a diverse show and gives the crowd a little variety, so Leaphart and Stone think the joint tour is best.
Leaphart said he and his band feed off the energy of their audience. He goes further to say that sometimes the crowd doesn’t get into the music as much as he would like, but writing music and playing it in front of people is what he loves to do.
Another aspect of his career Leaphart loves is hitting the road with friends.
As they arrive in Oxford, Leaphart will probably be wearing a T-shirt representing the University of Georgia because he grew up loving the team and even wrote a song about football Saturdays in Athens called “White Shoes, Silver Britches.”
He and Stone actually decided a year ago that they wanted to travel to Oxford on this particular weekend since the game was between their favorite teams.
The two musicians already have a bet in place, which will require the one in favor of the losing team to wear a t-shirt representing the winning team.
Leaphart does insist, however, that either way he still loves Oxford and Colonel Reb.
“It is not that big of a deal to me because last time I was in Oxford, I bought a Colonel Reb t-shirt,” Leaphart said. “I do support the Colonel and I wear it all the time.”
Leaphart’s song “Confederate Roses” was formed from hearing the term that refers to a hibiscus flower, and now the song is played regularly on a Charleston radio station.
The Southeastern tour that he and The Guilt Ridden Troubadores are on right now is an effort to capture a wider audience.
“Just enjoy it and have fun,” Leaphart said. “Come back and see us. That’s the whole point.”
On Wednesday, Sept. 22, Mac Leaphart and the Guilt Ridden Troubadores stop in Oxford to play at The Library then return Friday to play at The Levee.