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Spring break satisfaction


After months of waiting, spring break is almost here. 

Whether you are stumbling down Bourbon Street, getting sand in places you didn’t know existed or remembering why you went to college in the South when your fingers get frostbitten on the slopes, you are bound to have a blast. 

There are only about four spring breaks left as a college student, so you’re going to make the most of it.

Spring break may be a time for fun, but we need to remember to keep it relaxing, too. 

We all know the feeling in the hellish weeks before finals — drained and emotional. Everyone likes to party and have fun, including myself, and I am in no way suggesting to hold back. What I am suggesting is to find some time to just relax.

In two weeks, when you are reminiscing on your wild spring break and telling crazy stories to your friends, you should be able to say, “I am relaxed and ready to finish the semester strong.” 

Not only will you have found time to relax, but you will have great satisfaction with yourself and your future grades.

The ones I will have the most respect for, though, are the ones who are going out to change the world during their only break of the semester. Mission trips and study abroad programs are a great alternative to the normal college spring break and will achieve much of the same relaxation and satisfaction for students I referenced earlier.

As we wrap up the first half of the semester, I will leave you with some advice.

First, for the girls who have been extreme dieting to fit in a size two for the beach, be careful with the binge drinking.

Second, for the guys who are going to be scoping destinations for drunk freshmen, keep it classy. Your mother most likely wouldn’t approve.

Finally, for everyone, represent yourself and the University of Mississippi with class and dignity.

We don’t need another YouTube video of a drunk sorority girl throwing up on a bartender while wearing an Ole Miss shirt.


Adam Ganucheau is a sophomore journalism major from Hazlehurst. Follow him on Twitter @GanucheauAdam.